Do we need a condom emoji?

Condoms are a great way to minimize the risk of both pregnancy and some sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, condoms have proven to be a solid defense against the spread of HIV — the virus that leads to AIDS.

The question, however, is does the world need a condom emoji? According to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the answer is yes. You see, today, the AHF has chosen to launch a campaign to try and convince the The Unicode Consortium to add a proper condom emoji — not just using the balloon 🎈 emoji in conjunction with an eggplant 🍆 or banana 🍌. Why launch the campaign today, though? Because February 13 is International Condom Day!

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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation explains, “Everyone is sexting these days — so why not have a fun way to help people talk about safer sex? But we’ll need your help to get it off the ground! New emoji creation can be quite a long process, but in a nutshell, we need your signature on this petition to prompt the EMOJI GODS (ok, not actual gods, they’re called Unicode) to agree to turn the condom emoji into reality.”

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If you agree with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation that the world needs a proper condom emoji, you can sign the petition here now. Hopefully a successful campaign will lead to the emoji being launched, but there is no guarantee. You can also donate to the AHF here.

Photo credit: Firma V / Shutterstock

Author: Martha Meyer