Google announces Sovereign Controls for Google Workspace to boost data protection

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In response to new European data rules, Google has announced Sovereign Controls for Google Workspace.

Aimed at organizations in both the public and private sector, the new controls are due to launch at the end of 2022. They will make it possible to control, limit, and monitor transfers of data to and from the EU, and Google says that further capabilities will be added in 2023.

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The changes mean that in addition to the extra data monitoring and controls, users of Google Workspace will be able to generate logs detailing data access and actions.

In a post on the Google Cloud blog, Javier Soltero — Vice President and General Manager at Google Workspace — says that the new controls come in addition to existing Client-side encryption,  Data regions, and Access Controls capabilities.

Looking further into the future, Google has provided details of some of the new Access Controls that are due to be implemented in 2023:

Restrict and/or approve Google support access through Access ApprovalsLimit customer support to EU-based support staff through Access ManagementEnsure round-the-clock support from Google Engineering staff, when needed, with remote-in virtual desktop infrastructureGenerate comprehensive log reports on data access and actions through Access Transparency, which is already available in GA

Soltero concludes by saying:

Sovereign Controls for Google Workspace will deliver digital sovereignty through a comprehensive set of capabilities for organizations working in and across EU regions. In parallel, Google Cloud will continue to provide customers with legal mechanisms for international data transfer, which will include making the protections offered by the new EU data transfer framework available once it is implemented.

We remain committed to equipping our customers in Europe and across the globe with powerful technical solutions that help them adapt to, and stay on top of, a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. We’ve designed and built Google Workspace to operate on a secure foundation, providing capabilities to keep our users safe, their data secure, and their information private. Digital sovereignty is core to our ongoing mission in Europe and elsewhere, and a guiding principle that customers can rely on now and into the future.

More information is available in the blog post.

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Author: Martha Meyer