I’ve been invited to Donald Trump’s Truth Social… 18 times at once! The new tech service’s problems continue

When Donald Trump launched his new social network, Truth Social, in an effort to mitigate his lifetime ban by Twitter and Facebook, everyone was curious what would come of it. It launched on February 21 of this year with something of a less than stellar debut.  

Early on, people were able to get on, but the servers quickly bogged down, and it began forming a waiting list. Like many of those trying to get in, I fell in that waiting list. As a writer, I have a vested interest in new tech of any kind. After all, we can’t talk about things to readers without first-hand experience. 

Since then, I’ve waited, only thinking about Truth Social when it has come up in the news. Tonight, I finally received my long-awaited invite. Eighteen straight times within a minute. At 10:04 pm EST, my inbox was suddenly flooded. To the point that I couldn’t even screenshot the lengthy list of invitations. 

It’s good to know that the startup has solved those early hiccups! After giving the benefit of doubt to them, I clicked the link in one of my plethora of emails and was greeted with a 404 error. From there, I clicked the “Return Home” option and found I needed to download the app. This was on a PC, one where I can easily look at Twitter simply by typing its address into a web browser tab.  

I bit the bullet and clicked the “Download” link where I was greeted by a message that I needed the iPhone app. I don’t have one, I have a Pixel 6 Pro. But I do have the latest model of iPad, so I opened one of the emails on it. At that point, it prompted me to download Chrome — something I didn’t have on the device. Once downloaded, I clicked the email link again and was met by the same 404 error. 

From the iPad, I got in but had to choose from a list of popular feeds to follow. Once in, the screen was small, and there was precious little going on. I plan to check back periodically to see if things improve and, if so, I will certainly provide an update. 

Author: Martha Meyer