Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is good for your wrist and planet Earth

Would you rather have a computer mouse that is ergonomically correct or one that is good for the Earth? If you are like me, that is a very hard question to answer. Thankfully a new mouse from Logitech addresses both issues — it is designed for both a healthy wrist and planet!

Called “Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse,” it is available in two models — one for right-handed users and one for lefties. Both versions of the wireless optical mouse can be had in your choice of three colors — graphite (black), rose (pink), and off-white. The mouse is partially made of post-consumer recycled plastic, the percentage of which varies by color.

Lift offers a customizable DPI ranging from 400 to 4,000. The mouse can connect using Bluetooth or the included Logi Bolt USB receiver. It is powered by a single AA battery, which can provide enough juice for 2 years of usage. And yes, Lift has thumb buttons.


“This unique mouse packs a world of benefits and cutting-edge productivity features into a compact design to deliver outstanding comfort at the desk. Lift’s soft rubber grip and cozy thumb rest keep smaller hands comfy for hours at a time. Its 57-degree vertical design gives right- and left-handed users a relaxing grip and takes pressure off the wrist while promoting a more natural forearm posture throughout the day. The silent magnetic SmartWheel offers both speed and precision for accurate line-by-line edits or quickly scrolling through long documents,” explains Logitech.

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The accessory-maker adds, “Lift’s sustainable design makes it a choice you can feel good about. At Logitech, products are designed to deliver great user experiences and minimize environmental footprint, which is why a portion of Lift’s plastic parts are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic – 70 percent for graphite and 54 percent for rose and off-white. Logitech’s PCR program reinforces the brand’s commitment to designing for sustainability and ensures that plastics in end-of-life consumer electronics are given a second life.”

The Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse can be purchased here now. The company is only asking $69.99, which seems reasonable for a premium pointing device such as this. Logitech says it will work with Windows, Mac, desktop Linux, Android, and iPadOS.

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Author: Martha Meyer