Logitech shows off newest Design Collection of wireless mice

Every year, often in June, Logitech launches its latest Design Collection wireless mice. These are small portable mice that are intended for laptops, but they can be used with any computer that has a USB-A port. Yes, these use a USB dongle rather than Bluetooth. They also don’t have any thumb buttons and they do not have rechargeable batteries.

If you think these mice sound pretty basic, you’d be correct. So what makes them exciting? Ah, good question. This mouse collection is notable for featuring funky designs. Basically, Logitech’s Design Collection is intended to be fun and whimsical with unique patterns and wacky colors. This year, the Design Collection seems largely focused on plants and flowers (you can see them above).

“Work and play have collided once again with the latest from Logitech’s Design Collection. Bring a vibrant look to desk setups with three new mood-boosting designs (Bamboo Dream, Coral Reef and Forest Floral) and existing fan-favorites (Chirpy Bird, Golden Garden and Blue Aurora). The wireless mouse is small, comfortable, and super responsive with smooth line-by-line scrolling and precise cursor control for easier navigation at home or on-the-go,” explains Logitech.

The company shares specifications below.

● Height: 95 mm
● Width: 55 mm
● Depth: 38 mm
● Weight (with batteries): 84 g
● Wireless operating distance: 10m
● Wireless technology: Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
● Connection Interface: USB Unifying receiver
● Required: Available USB port

Despite record inflation, Logitech has not raised prices on the newest Design Collection. You see, in 2022, the mice cost the same $29.99 that they have for years. The new designs will be available later today from Logitech directly here.

Author: Martha Meyer