Microsoft Entra is a new identity and access-focused family of products

Microsoft Entra

Microsoft has launched a new family of products called Entra. Microsoft Entra encompasses a number of identity and access management solutions including the existing Azure AD. The launch comes after the acquisition of CloudKnox Security last year, and is Microsoft’s attempt to help boost security across multicloud environments — or “secure access for a connected world”.

Bolstering the product family, the company has also launched cloud permission management tool Microsoft Entra Permissions Management​, and Microsoft Entra Verified ID​ — a system that allows for more secure interactions, based on decentralized identity standards. Microsoft has also announced public previews of Workload Identities​ and Lifecycle Workflows.

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Introducing the latest products, Microsoft says: “Microsoft Entra is our new product family that encompasses all of Microsoft’s identity and access capabilities. The Entra family includes Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), as well as two new product categories: Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and decentralized identity. The products in the Entra family will help provide secure access to everything for everyone, by providing identity and access management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, and identity verification”.

The company reveals the three products that make up the family for the time being:

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) — Multicloud identity and access management solution with integrated security.Microsoft Entra Permissions Management​ — One unified model to manage permissions ​of any identity across any cloud.Microsoft Entra Verified ID​ — Enable more secure interactions while respecting privacy with an industry-leading global platform

Two additional products are available as public previews:

Workload Identities​ — Assign and secure identities for any app or service to extend access control and risk detection.Lifecycle Workflows​ — Automate assigning and managing access rights, plus monitoring and tracking access, as user attributes change.

More information is available in a post on the Microsoft Security blog.

Author: Martha Meyer