Privacy-focused Linux distro Tails 5 Beta now available for download with many critical security bug fixes

Upgrade to Debian 11 (Bullseye).

    – Fixes opening a Veracrypt volume with a long passphrase (tails#17474)

    – NetworkManager now uses its internal DHCP client

    – Removes python2

    – Software upgrades:

      – GNOME 3.38

      – Audacity 2.4.2

      – bookletimposer 0.3

      – GIMP 2.20.22

      – Inkscape 1.0.2

      – LibreOffice 7.0.4

      – NetworkManager 1.30.0

      – OnionCircuits 0.7

      – Pidgin 2.14.1

      – Thunderbird 91.7.0-2~deb11u1

      – X.Org 1.20.11

Upgrade Tor Browser to 11.0.10-build1 (tails#777)

Enable driverless printing and scanning (tails#18521)

Fix locales translation in the Welcome Screen (tails#18199, tails/tails!683)


      – all formats are shown

      – translations appear again in Greeter

      – when native l10n is not available, use english

      – all languages are listed

Drop hack to kill GDM on login, not necessary anymore on Bullseye (tails#17952)

Have tor log to the Journal (tails#18842)

Have NetworkManager and MAC spoofing ignore veth* network interfaces (tails#18443)

Drop deprecated printer-driver-hpijs (tails#18225)

Fix devel branch FTBFS (tails/tails!773)


      – Preserve UIDs/GIDs stability

      – Refresh list of standard packages

Drop obsolete patch (tails/tails!690)


      – Drop obsolete patch

Fix the Tails Installer in bullseye (tails/tails!679)


      – retry has shorter sleep times

      – FIX self.sleep never existed

      – retry getting udisks object upon failure

      – don’t rescan devices: we already know!

      – partition_device returns a UDI

      – refactor detect_supported_drives

      – retrying getting system partition helps

      – race conditions? let’s increase sleep time!

Fix Scenario: Upgrading an old Tails USB installation from another Tails USB

    drive (tails/tails!765)


      – apparently fix tails/tails#18840

      – send tails installer log to syslog

Additional Software: synchronize APT data when needed directly from t-p-s



      – Test suite: restart Tails in the same way we expect the user to

      – Test suite: don’t exit the persistence wizard once done, make saving settings


      – Test suite: refactoring (convert step to method)

      – Additional Software: synchronize APT data when needed directly from t-p-s

      – Remove XXX:Bullseye: this is not going to happen

Update gdm-tails.json for Bullseye (tails/tails!689)


      – Add pointer accessibility support to gdm-tails.json

      – gdm-tails.json: remove panelStyle

Update VeraCrypt test suite for Bullseye (tails/tails!686)


      – Test suite: trim expected image to account for GNOME mounted volume


      – Give exchange USB drive more space

      – Test suite: update to new GNOME Disks UI

      – Test suite: update Nautilus application name

      – Test suite: update expected picture

 — Tails developers <[email protected]>  Mon, 04 Apr 2022 09:25:25 +0000

tails (4.28) unstable; urgency=medium

Upgrade to Tor Browser 11.0.7-build2 based on Firefox 91.7 (tails/tails!741)

    Closes issues:

      – Upgrade to Tor Browser 11.0.7 based on Firefox 91.7 (tails/tails#18853)


      – Fetch Tor Browser from our own archive

      – Upgrade Tor Browser to 11.0.7-build2

Upgrade to Thunderbird 91.6.1

Upgrade to tor (tails/tails!737)

    Closes issues:

      – Upgrade to tor (tails/tails#18835)


      – Upgrade to tor (Closes #18835)

Enable obfs4proxy logging (tails/tails!734)


      – save obfs4proxy logs into artifacts

      – enable obfs4proxy debug logging

      – “obfs4proxy managed” is an option from the past

Minor fixes to custom-apt-cruft-check (tails/tails!733)


      – custom-apt-cruft-check: output nicer Markdown

      – Give method a name closer to what it wraps

      – ordered list

      – fix wrong variable name

      – markdown-ish

      – we obey rubocop

Test suite: collect logs of tor & friends when we timed out waiting for TCA to

    connect (tails/tails!732)

    Closes issues:

      – Test suite does not save tor log on “Timed out while waiting for TCA to connect

        to Tor (Timeout::Error)” (tails/tails#18850)


      – Apply 2 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)

      – Test suite: collect logs of tor & friends when we timed out waiting for TCA to


Test suite: ignore old APT repository signing key (tails/tails!731)

    Closes issues:

      – Test suite: ignore expiration date of 221F9A3C6FA3E09E182E060BC7988EA7A358D82E



      – Test suite: ignore old APT repository signing key

Test suite can test on the real Tor network (tails/tails!725)

    Closes issues:

      – Test behavior on the real Tor network (tails/tails#18847)


      – move Jenkins-only code in the appropriate section

      – better debug message

      – shell oneliner converted to ruby

      – Configure simulated Tor network: step -> function

      – rubocop is happier

      – Test suite: don’t try to save chutney data when it does not exist

      – add at least one relevant scenario

      – if +real-Tor, select relevant scenarios

      – test suite runs with real Tor, if +real-Tor

      – “default bridges” honors –disable-chutney

      – Check adapted to –disable-chutney

      – run_test_suite –disable-chutney

      – chutney-specific conf  moved into appropriate step

Author: Martha Meyer