Three-quarters of companies focus development on cloud-native applications

More and more workloads are being shifted to the cloud and a new report from Tigera shows that 75 percent of companies are focusing development on cloud-native applications.

But this increased development and deployment of cloud-native applications also creates the need for more advanced observability and security capabilities.

The State of Cloud-Native Security report finds that 97 percent of companies report observability challenges with cloud-native applications, and 96 percent of companies say that cloud-native application challenges are leading to slower deployment cycles, with 67 percent naming security as the top challenge.

In addition 69 percent of companies identify container-level firewalls (IPS/IDS, WAF, DDoS, DPI, etc.) as the top need for network security for cloud-native applications, while 76 percent of organizations need runtime visualization for cloud-native applications.

“Organizations are only just beginning to unlock the potential of cloud-native applications,” says Ratan Tipirneni, president and CEO of Tigera. “At the same time, however, these unprecedented innovations have created unforeseen challenges–evidenced by the majority of IT professionals naming security as a top challenge when it comes to cloud-native application deployment cycles. At Tigera, we’re proud to provide today’s developers, DevOps engineers, platform engineers, and security teams with the solutions they need for full-stack observability for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud, and we are committed to listening to our users and developing products to meet their needs.”

Security and compliance are major concerns, 99 percent of respondents say containers require access to other applications and services, 98 percent need container security — with runtime security topping the list — and 99 percent of companies require network security for containerized applications.

When it comes to compliance, 87 percent of companies state meeting compliance requirements is critical for their company, and 84 percent say meeting these requirements for cloud-native applications is challenging. 63 percent of companies say they must provide container-level information for compliance requirements, and 90 percent say audit reports are challenging to produce.

The full report is available from the Tigera site.

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Author: Martha Meyer