Users complain of overheating Windows 11 systems and broken printing after installing KB5010414

Windows 11 magnifying glass

Following the release of Windows 11 Build 22000.526, also known as the KB5010414 update, users are complaining of various problems with their computers.

The update was released to the Beta and Release Preview channels just a few days ago, and it introduced various changes and improvements to the Windows 11 taskbar. But it also seems that the update introduced problems with printing, and high CPU loads leading to overheating.

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Problems with updates to Windows are far from unknown, and the fact that these particular problems relate to test builds of Windows 11 makes it somewhat understandable. But the fact that issues seem to be present in the Release Preview version of Windows 11 — which is as close to “ready for mainstream release” as you can get — is a little worrying.

The issues with overheating have been mentioned on Reddit, support forums and social media. It seems to be linked to processes related to widgets, but Microsoft is yet to comment on the matter.

Other users complain about issues with printing. In comments here on BetaNews, reader soundnado reported:

Printer doesn’t work after KB5010414. ☹️

Uninstalled KB5010414 and the printer is working again.

Again, Microsoft is yet to confirm this or any other issues, but it may not be long before we hear something from the company.

Image credit: IB Photography / Shutterstock

Author: Martha Meyer