Enterprise tech leaders want a one-stop solution to manage all their platforms and clouds

The old days of having systems in-house where they were easy to control are long gone. Businesses today are increasingly reliant on a range of cloud, SaaS and other solutions that can be a challenge to manage.

A new report from CloudBolt Software shows that 88 percent of over 500 senior tech people surveyed say they want a ‘manager of managers’ — an overarching solution to bridge the siloes, unify the overall multi-cloud/multi-tool strategy, and actively govern everything from a single location.

It’s not surprising when you look at the difficulties enterprises face. 79 percent of respondents say they are hitting a wall using their existing tools and platforms. These limitations are caused by too many groups across an enterprise using too many different tools and clouds, with 80 percent struggling to achieve comprehensive visibility into cloud usage and spend.

“Our latest CII report reveals the growing chasm between what enterprises need in the new cloud order and what their current platforms and tools can provide,” says CloudBolt CEO Jeff Kukowski. “What got multi-cloud, multi-tool enterprises to their current state will not get them to the next level as they seek to further automate and accelerate digital transformation. What’s needed is a flexible, overarching framework that can connect all the disparateness, rationalize it, provide real visibility across everything, and govern with protective policies that don’t restrict innovation. Enterprises at the forefront of the cloud race already realize this; they are embracing this new reality and extending their lead as a result.”

The three key reasons given for wanting a one-stop solution are: having too many cloud tools spread across siloed teams, security vulnerabilities, and cost.

While 78 percent say they believe they have achieved cost savings using cloud instead of their on-premises data centers, 80 percent say they actually struggle to achieve comprehensive visibility into costs and spend across all their tools, resources, and clouds.

You can get the full report on the CloudBolt site.

Image credit: everythingposs/depositphotos.com

Author: Martha Meyer