My correct Wordle answer is probably different to yours today


Ever since the New York Times bought Wordle there’s been talk that the game has been made harder. Yesterday, The Verge looked into the claim and found that nothing has changed because the solutions have been preset since the game first launched.

And I’d agree that was the case, except today when I did the popular puzzle game, my correct answer was different from my wife’s correct answer, and it seems most of the world. Why?

The answer is I’m still running the original Wordle in Safari on my iPhone. I keep it open in a tab and I’ve never refreshed the page, so it’s never changed to the New York Times version. Usually my answers tally with everyone else’s, but not today.

The two different answers share four of the same letters (I’ll reveal the two solutions below, so be warned) with three of them in the same position. I’d say the original Wordle’s answer is much harder than then New York Times, but you may disagree.

Perhaps this is a one-off change, to make the game a bit easier today, or perhaps the New York Times has changed the word solutions, after all it has already removed certain words — offensive language and slurs — from the list of valid guesses. I guess we will find out tomorrow when I compare my result with the rest of the world.

If the list has changed then I will have to refresh the page and switch to the NYT version, because much of Wordle’s fun is comparing your score with others.

Photo Credit: pathdoc/Shutterstock

The two different solutions for today’s puzzle are:

NYT = Aroma

Original – Agora

Author: Martha Meyer