Trustwave’s new MDR solutions improve detection and response times

Cloud data security

New managed detection and response (MDR) offerings launched by Trustwave aim to give organizations real-time 24×7 monitoring of their hybrid multi-cloud environments for active threats and anomalies.

Trustwave MDR and Trustwave MDR Elite are backed by a team of global threat operators, threat hunters, and malware experts. Clients also get a free subscription to Trustwave Security Colony — a battle-tested resource specifically built for CISOs that includes toolkits, guidelines, playbooks, and assessment capabilities.

Trustwave MDR provides rapid onboarding and is aimed at medium-sized businesses who are struggling with the ongoing cyber talent shortage. The environment is continually fine tuned to provide the right telemetry at the right time to offer rapid responses.

“The key thing about these new offerings is we’re focused in on a couple of areas,” says Tom Powledge, chief product officer at Trustwave. “One is we’ve improved what we call our cyber success team. When customers are purchasing an MDR service what they want is someone, a named individual, who will conduct service reviews with them on a regular basis, who will help them improve their security maturity, because most of the time when a client is hiring that MDR service they need us to act as an extension of their team. They often don’t have enough personnel, they need 24×7 coverage, so they need us to help them improve their security, maturity and extend their operations.”

MDR Elite clients get a more personalized approach that allows them to benefit from an industry leading service level offering mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) of 15 minutes and personalized mean time to respond (MTTR) of less than 30 minutes with integrated client defined response protocols. They get access to named cyber threat experts and unlimited endpoint detection and response (EDR) telemetry and one year of data retention.

Trustwave’s offerings also leverage intelligence from other sources. “We manage EDR tools like Microsoft defender, or CrowdStrike, or Carbon Black for the client,” Powledge adds. “That includes making sure that everything’s working properly, as well as ensuring that we have the most appropriate signatures in the system to detect the latest threats. That’s a key part of our service and then making sure with our own Spider Labs threat intelligence, we bring in telemetry from the security tools that we manage, but we also enrich it with our own threat intelligence.”

You can find out more about the new offerings on the Trustwave site.

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Author: Martha Meyer