Twitter now lets all users add sensitive content warnings to photos and videos

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Twitter is giving everyone the ability to obscure individual photos or videos. The new feature is something that was tested last year and is now rolling out to all users.

In addition to blurring out select multimedia content, the new feature gives Twitter users the opportunity to add warnings to tweets. This can be used to indicate that a particular post includes nudity, violence, sensitive content or is in some way NSFW. There are, however, limitations.

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The option is available on mobile and online platforms, and while it is possible to obscure the visibility of videos and images, the same cannot be done with text. This means that the feature can be used to hide potentially disturbing media so unsuspecting users will not unwittingly stumble across it, but the same option cannot be applied to text-based tweets that might, for instance, include spoilers for TV shows or movies.

In a tweet about the feature Twitter says:

The option to add one-time sensitive content warnings to photos and videos you Tweet is now available for everyone across Android, iOS, and web.

To add a content warning, tap the flag icon when editing the photo/video after you’ve attached it to your Tweet.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) February 25, 2022

If someone has opted to obscure media in this way, photos and videos will be hidden from view until a Show button is clicked.

Image credit: rafapress / Shutterstock

Author: Martha Meyer